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When it comes to workplace safety, one of the most potentially hazardous operations involves the movement and lifting of heavy or awkward loads.

Operating or managing these processes is not for the faint hearted. Not simply because of the obvious inherent risks involved, but also because of the demands placed on organisations to comply with rigorous legal regulations designed to provide safe equipment. These regulations are the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) and the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

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InspectionOnsite, Online and On Top Of Your Lifting Equipment Inspections

Organisations are faced with a demanding practical challenge when it comes to meeting the requirements of LOLER & PUWER because of the complexity and scale of their lifting equipment assets.

The legal requirement to maintain, track and audit lifting equipment diligently is not always the easiest of tasks, That’s because medium and large organisations have large asset registers where individual items of equipment have to be tested/inspected with different intervals or at different times.

What’s more, organisations need to know what the “state of readiness” is for every individual piece of lifting equipment in its asset register. In other words has it been withdrawn from service, is it in the repair workshop or actually in use.

Because manual management of hundreds or thousands of items lifting equipment is extremely time consuming, Crane Aid have introduced OnSiteForm into its armoury.OnSiteForm

Crane Aid OnSiteForm Inspection System

OnSiteForm is a completely mobile web-based asset management system which requires no database set-up, special software, maintenance or training that provides a fully searchable easy to use database.

OnSiteForm provides audit scheduling, a clear picture of equipment serviceability on site, allows quick and accurate access to inspection records and comprehensive audit trail functionality

Crane Aid Clients Love It

From Crane Aid Lifting’s perspective, OnSiteForm provides a more cost effective “paperless” management system that improves their productivity and releases valuable management time to help clients develop other aspects of their business.

When we show clients how OnSiteForm works they can immediately grasp the simplicity and power of its use on tablets and smart phones. Then they see past that and come to appreciate the benefits of having a system which provides an early warning that flags up when lifting tackle is due for inspection,  a safer colour coded process that means that equipment is not put into service accidentally and an aid to planned refurbishment and replacement.

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